The Ohio Valley Camera Club (OVCC) is an active club with over 60 events per year and over 800 events total. We bring our members a wide variety of photography-related opportunities: to get to know one another, to receive quality educational programs that will inspire and motivate you, and experience fun filled times photographing locally, regionally and nationally.

We meet monthly the third week of January through November at the Village of Evendale Bell Tower Arts Pavillion, lower level, Cincinnati Ohio. Our meetings, seminars and other web-based programs are accessible to members away from our area virtually. Write to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. if this applies.

Our meetings include:
Positive Image Critiques by Professional Photographers - considered   one of the finest and  quickest ways to  improve.
Educational training on photography or post production and other photography related presentations, including our Six Part, 15 hour Introduction to and Understanding Photography Webinar in February and March/
6:30 – 8:30 pm

We currently are presenting a series of webinars with local, regional, and nationally respected Photographers.  Some of the programs we are now working on are:  Architectural – Exterior, Interior, People – Emotional, Action, Portrait, and Candid, and Specialty Photography – i.e., Smoke, Fluid Drop, Patterns in Fluid.

Throughout the year we conduct four to six photo shoots each month such as: Urban Abstract:  A Walk Through Over-the-Rhine, Greenfield Plant Farm (supplier to Cincinnati Zoos spring flowers), Taft Museum, Museum of Art, Great Saltpeter Cave Tour and Light Painting, Raptor Shoots, Old River Pumping Station, Riverboat on the Ohio at Sunset and many others.

Finally, two or more times per year the OVCC will provide opportunities to display and sell your prints. Still on hold due to state covid restrictions at our location.

There is a long standing saying, “You Get What You Pay For.  ”There is a cost to running a highly active club. Speaker Fees, Rent, Web based expenses. Our operating costs are spread over all our Event members. OUR NEW MEMBERS, HOWEVER, ARE GIVEN A FREE TRIAL for up to six months. Event Level Dues are $30.

Rich Sears, Partner, Organizer;
Fred Haaser, Partner, Co-Organizer
Joel Belsky, Assistant Organizer